About this song

I’ve recently joined Atsutaro, an exclusive music entertainment trio(and now a quartet), and this is our second video. We’d covered one of the greatest hit songs of all time. Enjoy the video.

About this song
This is a piece called “Child of Dreams”. Enjoy the beautiful sound and melody of the harp repeated through different phrases.


About this song
This is a loop beat made inspired by the dilemma of two of the things you enjoy or feel important. Listen to this while you ponder, or just chill.

About this song
This is an Electronic Dance Music piece I made during Golden Week.

It's hard to say what the concept of the piece is, however it's entitled 『Patience』. One of the reasons why this song is called that way is because

  1. EDM usually takes a fair amount of time until the beat drops IMO, and it takes patience
  2. you are always unsure about whether you'll see the people you meet in a club (especially of those with the opposite sex) in some other occasion, and it takes patience

Enjoy the piece.

About this song
『ofrobeats』 is a beatmaker/trackmaker produced by huey choi. “ofro”, (or “ofuro” to be precise) is a Japanese term for “bath” or “bathtub”.
This piece was inspired from when the beatmaker went to a hot spring after singing in a show. It’s basically about how “coffee-milk” is the perfect match for after taking a bath.
Enjoy his first single, which is of course entitled 『ofrobeats』.

About this song
This is a track I wrote for a basketball club’s farewell party. I also directed in the making of lyrics. Enjoy. こちらはバスケットボールサークルの追い出しコンパ用に作ったトラックです. 歌詞製作のディレクションも致しました. お楽しみ下さい.
Music : Huey Choi
Lyrical Direction : Huey Choi
Lyrics : Huey Choi & Yuya Shoda
Vocal : Yuya Shoda
Logo Design : Huey Choi
Video : Huey Choi





Sunday Vibes

Gentle Winter Popcorn

宅飲みAnthem feat. 白米funk

About this song
『nitamagobouya』is also another beatmaker/trackmaker produced by huey choi. This piece was inspired by an experience of himself going to a friends house and drinking there. “nitamago” refers to a boiled egg in Japanese, and “bouya” is a terminology that depicts a young boy, making 『nitamagobouya』a young boy doing something to do with boiled egg. This name comes from the beatmaker being fond of ramen, which is where “nitamago” is often seen going together with.

Written By : nitamagobouya
Lyrics : nitamagobouya & 白米funk
Vocals : nitamagobouya & 白米funk